Thank God for Nostr

Stephen Carradini

Episode Summary

Stephen gives Jon a crash course in how to think about technology and its influence on the distribution of power, its use in social contexts, and how technical solutions have to be balanced by other aspects of human society, and circumscribed by the values of a given community.

Episode Notes

Stephen Carradini has spent 20 years thinking about technology, society, and policy. He is a professor of online professional communication and digital ethics at Arizona State University, and the former co-host of Winning Slowly.

Jon is the developer of the Coracle Nostr client and an OpenSats grantee. He is focused on discovering what a healthy social network would look like, and helping nostr make that vision a reality. Find Jon on Nostr at npub1jlrs53pkdfjnts29kveljul2sm0actt6n8dxrrzqcersttvcuv3qdjynqn , on twitter @hodlbod and on

The Thank For Nostr Podcast is a TGFB Media production. TGFB Media exists to educate and equip Christians to understand Bitcoin and use it for the glory of God and the good of people everywhere.