Thank God for Nostr

Scott Mann

Episode Summary

What does permaculture have to do with nostr? A lot! Jon and Scott talk about communities, self-obsoletion, and abundance mindsets. Scott has many years of experience in permaculture design, and a ton of wisdom to share for how we might be able to apply those principles to nostr development.

Episode Notes

Scott started The Permaculture Podcast in October 2010, the same week he completed a Permaculture Design Course with Susquehanna Permaculture. Originally interested in interviewing gardeners, homesteaders, and land-managers as a way to extend his permaculture education, this gradually shifted towards the emerging edges of permaculture beyond the landscape.



Show Notes:

Earth Restorer's Guide to Permaculture, by Rosemary Morrow:

Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability - Revised, by David Holmgren: